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* Currently the West Texas Food Bank, a member of FEEDING AMERICA, reported that they were running dangerously low on goods. We are gathering a substantial donation together, to be delivered in time for the holidays. Did you know... $1 = 4 meals distributed by the WTFB, and those 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to feeding hungry West Texans?

* We are also working hard to fund the refurbishing of our animal shelter. Our vision is to continue to have a full operation, running at our facility ~ including an animal daycare/boutique.

* Our partners ~ Dr. Alvaro medina and his team, are working with the veterinary school in Ciudad Juarez, México. They are focused on a project with the Mexican students, and are training at our facility, or in the mobile vet clinic. Our goal is that the students will be more proficient in their surgeries, and will be readily qualified to help the animals in México.

* Dr. Medina is also in talks with an official from the city of El Paso, Texas ~ regarding our projects. The goal is to get the city involved, so that we can work together.


* We purchased and donated goods to the Salvation Army shelter in El Paso, Texas.

* FOX-TV News recently featured a story regarding a dog hoarding case ~ out of Chaparral, New Mexico. Animal rescuers dropped off the animals at our shelter, to be fully vetted by our fellow team member, Dr. Alvaro Medina. He and the team performed necessary surgeries, vaccines, micro-chipping, etc.

* Our favorite mobile pet vet, Dr. Medina, has been invited to participate in a new monthly program in Ciudad Juarez. They will be offering free spay/neuters, vaccines, dewormers, veterinary consults, etc. As you see on our GALLERY page, this is extremely important and necessary!