About Us

O.A.S.I.S. = Organizing Aid with Sister-cities In Service ~ Sherleen Hervey's Charitable Endeavors.

For decades, Sherleen Hervey has helped to meet the needs of countless impoverished people and homeless animals, in the "sister-cities" of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Among her many "charitable endeavors," Sherleen bought 2.5 acres of land in El Paso, Texas. She then paid for the construction of buildings, to be used for the housing of stray and rescued animals. Since then, Sherleen has allowed the use of her kennels for animal shelter, at absolutely no cost to the tenants. This facility can house up to 120 animals, at one time. It is also being used to train veterinary students from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico ~ giving them hands-on experience, while being mentored by Dr. Alvaro Medina. He is our in-house veterinarian. Up until now, the facility has been fully funded by Sherleen Hervey, but with your help. we can take it to an even higher level of care."

Her charity has helped on both sides of the U.S. / Mexico border, for decades. Now, her noble cause is one without borders. O.A.S.I.S. has partnered with her, to strengthen the welfare of many communities. Plus, because each life has equal value, we have broadened the scope of who receives aid, to a global one - by aiding projects that focus on the socioeconomic progress of people and of animals that simply cannot help themselves.

Most importantly, our projects will NOT be able to continue on perpetually, without your support!

O.A.S.I.S. is committed to helping underprivileged people and homeless animals, globally. We do not need to wait for an earthquake, or some other natural disaster, to get our attention on a poverty stricken area. We are aware that our goals for our projects are huge, and that even a small act of kindness can change someone's life. So, we work towards raising the quality of life among those living in poverty, through economic and social development, through health services, and through education. Whether the needy are in America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, or even Eastern Europe ~ we believe that each life has equal value.

Although, our mission is to help both people and animals who are suffering, the monies which you donate can be put towards aiding one or the other, if not both ~ at your request.